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UseJump is a web browser based on the WebKit rendering engine
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UseJump is just another web browser based on WebKit (the rendering engine employed by Chrome or Chromium). As its developers claim, it was especially designed to stand against censorship and content filtering, yet it fails in many other areas. While testing it, the app crashed several times. Also, it provides slow browsing speed which is a great drawback for a web browser.

In my opinion, UseJump comes with many flaws. It doesn't include a Help manual. Moreover, no information regarding the application can be found on the developer’s website (just a shallow description).

When it comes to graphical user-interface of UseJump, it should be mentioned that it doesn't offer an easy way of accessing various program features. The Tabs are smaller than the ones offered by other browsers and more difficult to access. Then the start page displays a notification that cannot be removed.

The only thing that I like about this browser is that it can be minimized in System tray. I consider this to be very useful in various situations. Moreover, in the case of Firefox, you need to install an additional plugin in order to get that functionality.

I don’t recommend UseJump, it comes with no innovations and will make you inefficiently spend your time.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free program
  • Highly customizable


  • Slow browsing speed
  • It stopped responding many times
  • Includes no help manual
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